6 1/2 Practical Steps to Emergency Preparedness ... Right Now!

6 1/2 Practical Steps to Emergency Preparedness ... Right Now!
Joan Eisenstodt
January 21, 2016
A blizzard is predicted for the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions of the United States. Take these practical steps right now.

'Shake It Off, Step It Up' in the New Year

Larissa Schultz
December 22, 2015
Thoughts for the new year!

6 Considerations to Better Destination Selection

Joan Eisenstodt
December 18, 2015
Factor in these and other issues when selecting destinations. Know what you will do to manage and counter the issues that could have caught you by surprise.

The Brains Have It: Dealing With Post-Event Let-Down

Larissa Schultz
November 17, 2015
Feeling let down after an event? You aren't alone.

Stand Up For OUR Industry!

Joan Eisenstodt
November 6, 2015
I think we could do so much more to explain and influence those who hold office and make policies that impact our industry, directly and indirectly.

Who Is the Boss of Learning?

Larissa Schultz
October 23, 2015
Your learning is determined by you.


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