Pokémon Go (or No-Go) at Meetings

Pokémon Go (or No-Go) at Meetings
Joan Eisenstodt
July 13, 2016
If you have upcoming meetings and conferences, will you have a stated policy about the use of this popular app?

The Role of Curriculum Development in Successful Meetings and Events

August 25, 2014
If we think of our meetings as one of the essential segments along the curriculum pathway, how might we change the way we do things to benefit our learners? And, how can you implement principles of curriculum development into your planning process?

My heart says yes, but my mortgage says no: Working for exposure

Joan Eisenstodt
January 9, 2014
How much pro bono work do you do? Is it because you have some huge clients who pay you lots so you can afford to take a non-paying gig now and then? What's the solution to giving so much when others don't?

The Best Speakers Leave a Lasting Impression

Zachary Chouteau
September 30, 2013
A look at two motivational speakers you won't soon forget.


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