The Art of Wine Selection

Judy Cronkhite
August 7, 2012

Are your online and offline networks separate entities?

Archived Posts
August 6, 2012
<span style="background-color: #ffffff;">The focus of Nicholas Christakis&rsquo;s research was interesting. He spoke about how the people in your network (up to three degrees of separation) can affect whether or not you are likely to be obese, altruistic, or get enough sleep. Christakis called them Real Social Networks and made a very stark contrast to online social networks. It was clear that years of scientific research went into his research on offline social networks but the example he offered on why online social networks are not effective was not as well researched. The online social networks he studied were related to friends, clubs and roommates in school. I would argue that if you study someone&rsquo;s social network in school vs. 10+ years after they have graduated, the data will be much different. Most of the audience at WEC, I would assume, is in this category.</span>&nbsp;


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