Transparency Key to Sustainable Events

Nancy Zavada
October 28, 2015
Find out what other events are doing to be sustainable and how they share their initiatives.

Is Being a No-Show Unethical?

Joan Eisenstodt
October 23, 2015
After re-reading the CMP Standards of Ethical Conduct and Policy, I confirmed that CMPs who no-show at events violate any number of points.

Planning Events: Back to Basics

Joan Eisenstodt
October 16, 2015
We’re the worst aren’t we? Planners who attend events in which we were or weren’t involved in the planning and execution.

12 Tips to Improve Sustainability at Your Next Event

Molly Blaisdell
August 13, 2015
Hornblower Cruises & Events offers 12 tips to improve sustainability at your next event.

Refreshing Ideas for Sponsors

Nancy Zavada
August 13, 2014
Here's a sponsorship idea that is sustainable and well received by attendees.

The Grass is Greener on top of the Cleveland Convention Center

July 16, 2013
The grand opening of the Cleveland Convention Center and Global Center for Health Innovation in June 2013.


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