Decoding International Travel Warnings

Joshua Grimes
October 22, 2013
Planners should read and consider international travel advisories. But they can be overly cautious. Consider the advisories and decide whether a meeting destination is safe for meeting attendees.

Oakland Originals

September 24, 2013
Visit Oakland opens a new welcome center, launches California road trip and rebrands website

Airline & Hotel Rewards Points - Personal Perk or Company Property?

Joshua Grimes
September 23, 2013
Airline and hotel reward points may belong to the employee who earns them, or they may belong to the employer. Employees need to observe their company policy. Accountability standards may require that points go to the company or association.

2013 to 2025: What does the future hold? A look at the World Future Society forecast

Joan Eisenstodt
September 18, 2013
Will face to face meetings finally be gone by 2025 or will they exist, inhabited by robots? Will the skills we have now be needed for work outside the meetings/hospitality industry? In what countries will the population be greatest? Who among us will predict our industry's future?

Branson is a welcoming family-friendly meetings destination

Eric Andersen
August 12, 2013
Editor's recap of time in Branson, Missouri, during a Meetings Today Live event from July 28 to 30.

Who speaks for our industry?

Joan Eisenstodt
July 10, 2013
Meetings and attendance at what are perceived to be boondoggles are under continuous attack by the US Congress, by state and provincial governments, and by co-workers who think traveling is glamorous and staying at a hotel is a perk. "The media" take up the cry especially when it come to "taxpayer dollars" funding a bit of fun at meetings. This while others write about how boring meetings are and how they "dread" attending. It seems we can't win. How do we convey the value of meetings to critics? Who speaks for meetings and their value? Who speaks for our industry?


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