How To Maximize the New Facebook Timeline for Business

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May 18, 2012
Facebook’s changes to both personal profiles and business pages have some people scrambling. Without putting some effort into it, people who view your page will be able to quickly determine that you have not made the necessary adjustments and will judge your business accordingly.

Dallas Delivers Plenty for Planners

Zachary Chouteau
May 17, 2012
Dallas has a few ways to dazzle your group...

Myths about Meeting at Large Venues: True or False?

Sarah Vining
May 16, 2012
Looking at some of the misconceptions about larger venues...

Maximize Your Networking Opportunities at a Conference

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May 15, 2012
The best case scenario is to start a relationship on social media and then meet that person face to face at a networking event. You have an instant connection when you meet and it propels your relationship further than a cold introduction.

Ethical Dilemmas Abound: Input Sought

Joan Eisenstodt
May 12, 2012
If you knew someone were terminally ill and needed both the health insurance and salary from the job they still held, would you, ethically, tell the person's employer that the person were not returning to work? To whom do your loyalities belong - the employer or the person?&nbsp;If someone violates a professional code of ethics that carry with them a penalty for violation, would you report them? If it weren't a "life and death" matter? If their former employer would not report them?<br /> "Ethical Dilemmas Abound" and input is needed to help resolve a muddled head (and heart). Join the discussion.<br />

Bags, Bottles and Books

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May 10, 2012
Instead of thinking you are greening your meeting by choosing bags or bottles made of recycled material, take a hard look at whether or not you need to provide these items in the first place. Do they contribute to the goals and objectives of the event?


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