Marriott Planner Clash: What's Commission Got to Do With It?

Marriott Planner Clash: What's Commission Got to Do With It?
Joan Eisenstodt
February 2, 2018
Puerto Rico and Houston residents still suffer months after hurricanes devastated their communities. #MeToo hasn't gone away especially for housekeepers and others demanding "panic buttons." The flu is killing people across the US. With all that as a backdrop, let’s examine the extensive industry energy that is focused on Marriott’s reduction of third-party commission. It’s a greater amount of energy than I’ve seen directed toward the other issues.

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MPI sells out CMM program to GBTA

Ann Rebentisch
January 23, 2014
MPI's decision to make significant changes to the CMM program is not going over well with certain planners who feel the changes may dilute the designation.

My heart says yes, but my mortgage says no: Working for exposure

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January 9, 2014
How much pro bono work do you do? Is it because you have some huge clients who pay you lots so you can afford to take a non-paying gig now and then? What's the solution to giving so much when others don't?

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Branson is a welcoming family-friendly meetings destination

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August 12, 2013
Editor's recap of time in Branson, Missouri, during a Meetings Today Live event from July 28 to 30.


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