Room Block Poaching: Turning the Tables on Housing Scammers

Joshua Grimes
May 28, 2014
Poaching of meeting guests by unauthorized housing companies is an emerging problem. Groups should protect their guest attendance lists against disclosure, educate guests about problems from booking with poaching companies, and take steps to stop poaching if it occurs.

NFC and iBeacon: Two Technologies Changing the Event Experience

May 21, 2014
NFC and iBeacon are two recent technologies predicted to change the event game for attendees, exhibitors and organizers.

Finding New Revenue: A Collaborative Effort

May 7, 2014
New revenue is a key requirement for the sustainability of an organization’s event. Here are some ways events and sales teams can collaborate to enhance and retain exhibitor sponsors.

Pro-Gun Legislation: Is it 'Open Season' at Meetings & Events?

Joshua Grimes
May 1, 2014
Many states are enacting laws to permit guns and other firearms in public places. Groups wishing to limit or ban guns at their meetings must review these laws and create internal policies for their organizations, and then enforce them.


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