Fun exercise to begin to create better meetings.

It seemed the comments made on my last blog and in other outlets where it was posted didn't calm me down much. Too many folks are still asking me to be patient and wait for changes. (I appreciate what Niesa Silzer said about the time it takes for change. How long is a generation?!)

I'll tackle more about ADA and accommodation in a later blog tho' you should read this if you missed it at @FocusForum on Twitter or on the MeetingsToday home page Twitter feed.

Do this, would you? It's an exercise that's fun to do and one I do with lots of groups and clients who want to change their meetings. (If you're attending Exhibitor in March in Las Vegas, come to the session I'm doing.) Take a piece of paper, turn it in the landscape position. Draw three equal size (and large) boxes so they fill the page horizontally.

Got it?

Now, using, preferably, color pencils or crayons or good markers (I prefer Mr. Sketch good smelly ones ; I get bupkes for mentioning them), draw a three panel cartoon of the best learning experience you've ever had.(Yes, really, everyone can draw!)

Since we can't see all the drawings, write, in the comments section, what you drew. Tell us the story of the learning experience.

Was it at a meeting? In school? An experience in your youth, teen years or adulthood? Was it with others or on your own? What were the elements that made it great? What do you think could be adapted for meetings from this experience?

Over many years doing this exercise (with thanks to my colleague, facilitator David Johnson, for teaching me the cartooning exercise) with many people in and outside our industry, the results are fascinating. I'll share some of those in the comments section.

Let's find a way, from our experiences, to make me not as cranky and angry about how slow meetings change and to help our industry at least make our own meetings more interesting.

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