Delivering Your Best Presentation

Sometimes it’s a daunting task to manage the requirements for your group’s audio visual needs…especially since we’re not all “tech-knows.”

Here’s a list of helpful hints that may make your journey to technology a little more manageable.

What will you need on stage?

Stage mobility needs: Is the speaker going to stay near the computer or walk around? Are there mobile devices available should the speaker want to roam?

Sound needs: If there is audio in the presentation, make sure the appropriate equipment is available.

Audience interaction needs: Will there be Q&A? If so, you will want aisle or hand held microphones for audience participation.

Time keeping needs: If your meeting is on a tight schedule, consider adding a presenter timer to keep things on track.

Clothing choice: If the speaker is being recorded, advise on light blue (not white) shirt/blouse.

Power-Point Preparation Tips:

1) Place a shortcut on the desktop to avoid searching set-backs. Create a conclusion slide so the presentation doesn’t revert to the desktop when advancing past the last shot.

2) Use readable backgrounds…black lettering on a yellow background is considered best.

3) Be prepared to adjust the color on your LCD presentations (Hint: 10% of audience may have difficulty with reds and greens).

4) Limit slide content to no more than 15-20 words per slide.

5) Use readable font sizes for presentations; 72-point (Garamond or Verdana) fonts work well for large audiences.

Melissa Belluomini
Director of Sales and Marketing
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

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