How to Effectively Work With a Revenue Manager

Revenue managers work in tandem with the hotel’s sales department to ensure the best partnership possible is created between the property and a customer. While the sales department holds the primary responsibility to develop and maintain an understanding of a client’s needs, the revenue manager is responsible for ensuring those needs are aligned with the business objectives of the hotel.

At the basic level, the revenue manager strives to find balance with the client's needs with that of the hotel’s for obvious metrics such as a guest room rate and food and beverage spend. Beyond the basics, the revenue manager will work with the sales manager to identify need periods for the hotel to suggest alternate pricing and value if the client is flexible on the pattern or dates of their meeting.

Meeting planners can find benefit to better understand a revenue manager's perspective on where the hotel can have flexibility on pricing as well as meeting space availability.

Here are some suggested questions for meeting planners to ask sales managers and revenue managers:

•  What are the hotel’s peak days of the week and months?

•  Does the hotel offer cost savings or value added benefits if I book multiple meetings/events at once?

•  Are there better alternatives for my meeting space needs to allow for cost savings?

•  Why are historical room night usage and food and beverage contribution so important?

Most likely, your communications as a meeting planner will be directly with the sales manager to make it easier for you to interact with one individual representing the hotel.

However, understanding that the sales department is involving other key stakeholders such as the revenue manager in decisions ensures that any commitment that is confirmed creates a meaningful partnership with the hotel and your organization.

Stacey Edinger
Director of Sales and Marketing
Hyatt Regency San Francisco 

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