Zagat-style guide to dining ethically

When we plan meetings and events - and  ancillary activities such as off-site events - and when we eat out or recommend restaurants to friends, colleagues, meeting goers - how do we consider ethical issues?

PETA and others have made sure we are aware of how animals we eat are treated.

What about how workers are treated?

This table, from Mother Jones, is a great beginning and is something I'm going to add to our site selection checklist. I think too I'll expand it to include the wages and health care, promotion issues, etc., for all line workers. If one wants to truly be an ethical organization and one that follows issues for sustainability, it seems we must.

Are you now? Will you? And how will the issues of fair wages and treament of employees of the sites you select play into your selection? Or do you think it's not nearly as important as rates-dates-space?

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