One of the world’s most magical cities, Prague is the central hub of Eastern Europe and offers an accessible layout that invites delegates to stroll to all of the major tourism sites in the city.

Prague’s hotels, mostly constructed in the last decade, can accommodate at least 77,000 total visitors. Throw in a thriving infrastructure for association meetings and Prague equips any planner with the microcosm and macrocosm to pull off an uncanny experience.

“The city is a real cultural center of Europe whose breathtaking atmosphere is unforgettable,” says Lenka Zlebkova, managing director of the Prague Convention Bureau. “You can choose from both the modern conference centers with up-to-date technologies, and historical jewels in the city center. Together with top culinary art provided by local restaurants and catering companies, any event will be a success here.”

Even James Bond may show up. In a popular activity for corporate groups or team-building, several Bond-themed machinations offer an intriguing way to discover Prague through the locales depicted in the 2006 film Casino Royale. The most popular is a treasure hunt during which teams of 10 people, each accompanied by a friendly agent, race around Prague, deciphering code, solving challenges and avoiding enemy traps, all to complete their mission. Groups can travel by vintage cars or even Russian army helicopters.

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The Prague Congress Centre, facilitating huge NATO and IMF Summits or tiny intimate meetings, is one of the most dynamically versatile complexes of its kind in Europe. Seventy conference rooms supply a grand total of 140,000 square feet of space. Off-site locales are aplenty, offering historical complements to the vibrant metropolis.

“Prague is rich in architectonic monuments, cultural heritage and historical sights from every architectural period, but at the same time it is modern and dynamic,” Zlebkova says.