Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the moment without judgment, and mindful meetings are the future of meetings. As it becomes harder to get people to join face to face, the more valuable mindful practices become for planners.

Mindful meeting professionals recognize what it takes to truly build meetings that help people become something different. The most successful planners have the skills to get the whole self (body, mind and spirit) of the participants in the room.

To have purposeful meetings, utilize the following checklist in partnership with your task/to do list and elevate your meetings from “doing” to “being” before during and after the event.

When this happens, we create peaceful, profitable and presence-filled gatherings for everyone. 

Before your meeting:

  • Connect to a clear vision. See what you want to have happen for your meeting.
  • Set your intention for the meeting.
  • Visualize the meeting. Close your eyes and allow your mind’s eye to see the meeting even before you build it. Put yourself in the vision.
  • Give thanks you get to bring this meeting to life.

During your meeting:

  • Recognize the good even when it’s challenging. Whisper your gratitude, write a note, speak it out loud.
  • Center participants in the room with a breathing activity.
  • Be conscious of technology use. As a group, agree to how technology will or will not be used as it relates to social media, email and other distractions.
  • Be aware of movement in each session. Can you get people walking, breathing, running, moving their bodies as they move their minds?
  • Unify your team each day. Connect to each key person that has energy in the meetings. Keep them positive and light. Address concerns if necessary.
  • Thank the participants, vendors and your team early and often.

After your meeting:

  • Breathe.
  • Affirm what went well.
  • Feel grateful in your body.
  • Share your gratitude with all involved in the meeting.

Holly Duckworth is a keynote speaker and executive coach. She works with stressed-out meeting professionals to help them create profits, peace and presence with the art and science of mindfulness practices.

For more information, visit http://hollyduckworth.com/.