This summer I spent a week in the Mediterranean with 1,700 of my “closest friends” cruising some amazing ports. At the beginning of this trip, a blank wall and 30,000 wine corks—all stained in different shades of reds and whites—became one of the most incredible custom-made step and repeats I've seen.

Meet Scott James Gundersen, the mastermind behind our impressive, group-made wine cork work of art.

Besides being an amazing personality—schmoozing and mingling with the guests as he helped them place their own personal cork into his creation—he’s an amazing talent.

The origin of Gundersen’s wine cork portraits can be traced back to his travels through the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2007. He noted how the Congolese people wasted nothing.

Every item, whether an old water bottle, broken shoelace or the bark from a banana tree, was creatively repurposed in innovative and inspiring ways. Drawing on this idea of recycling, Gundersen has now used over 200,000 corks in mosaics created for private collectors and corporate clients on four continents.

From small intimate portraits to elaborate commercial projects, no job is too big or small. This is one of those favorite finds that I will never forget. Gundersen amazed my clients and he will amaze yours too.

Commissioned Wine Cork Art Created by Scott James Gundersen in a Barn
Barn Wine Cork Art Project in Progress by Scott James Gundersen

Gundersen can be contacted through his website about commissioned work and group opportunities. Bringing people together to create a wine cork mural is something that you can also try out at your own event.

Maybe the art created won’t be quite as impressive as Gundersen’s, but it will add a personal creative touch to the proceedings. It will also serve as an Instagram-worthy addition to your event and connect attendees.

As with all of my favorite finds, Gundersen and his wine cork art is #mcapproved.

Check out the time-lapse video below to see Gundersen in action.

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