Technology. Technology. Technology. It can be overwhelming just trying to keep up...

Every year I’m seeing technology touching and transforming our event industry. I’m always amazed how the latest tech marvels can transform an event from standard to the superior.

Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™ was my brainchild in 2001 when someone introduced me to an LED vase—WOW!!!—what the heck is that!?—and wouldn’t tell me where they got it.

Today, LED technology is available in our homes, cars and even in our hands on a daily basis.

So when I first saw Sugar Cubes by Symmetry Labs, I saw more than a pretty light show. I saw backdrops that turned into art installations, lights that turned into dance and amazed looks.

“Woah, that is cool!” was the typical exclamation I overheard from event participants.

Sugar Cubes are the building blocks of 3D immersive experiences of any environment and scale. Event producers can use 10 to sculpt an intimate experience or 10,000 to captivate a filled stadium.

Powering each fixture is the state-of-the-art Symmetry Controller. Designed hand-in-hand with its proprietary software platform, Stellar, together they unlock unprecedented performance.

Products can even be placed within the cubes, surrounded by LED lights.

Sugar Cubes by Symmetry Labs, Purple LED Display
Sugar Cubes by Symmetry Labs, Purple LED Display

This particular favorite find is one for the creative mind (and deeper pocket), but to the average Joe/Josephine Sugarcubes truly provide an imminently Instagrammable, experiential moment.

And even if Sugar Cubes aren’t a viable option for your particular meeting or event, it’s worth keeping an eye out on what’s new in the world of LED technology. Options vary in price and awe factor!

As with all of my favorite finds, Sugar Cubes by Symmetry Labs are #mcapproved.

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