Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the first Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™ of 2019.

I remember sitting in my house watching America’s Got Talent one night about two years ago and this young guy comes out on stage from Long Island. A minute later he had me doubled over with laughter.

I said to myself, “I have to have him on my Hot List™.”

Comedian Harrison Greenbaum joined me on the stage in Indianapolis (MPI WEC18) and New Orleans (The Special Event 2018) and he stole the show—both performances.

He also joined me on an amazing incentive program in Italy this past summer (2018) for a three-night run.

The last night Harrison Greenbaum was there with us we had to move him into a larger theater because the buzz was incredible and everyone was talking about him. It was standing room only!

Harrison Greenbaum has been called "the hardest-working man in comedy" by TimeOut New York and the New York Daily News and he performs in more than 600 shows a year. As I mentioned, he's been featured on America's Got Talent, where he got a standing ovation from the judges, and Last Comic Standing.

Beyond his primetime television appearances, Harrison Greenbaum is one of the stars of The Illusionists: Direct From Broadway, the biggest-selling magic show in the world.

He’s also the host of The Unbelievables: The Greatest Variety Show on Earth, which debuted at the Sydney Opera House last month (December 2018). He's smart, he's experienced and he always brings the house down.

All I can say is … give it up for the hilarious Harrison Greenbaum!

He’s the perfect corporate comedian and a joy to work with.

Don’t believe me? Check out his act below, courtesy of Michael Cerbelli's: The Hot List™.

As with all of my favorite finds, comedian Harrison Greenbaum is #mcapproved.

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