Hello, Hot List™ enthusiasts! Hope you are keeping warm this winter! It was freezing in the Northeast last week with the polar vortex coming through.

As I was lighting my fireplace in the midst of the cold snap, preparing to snuggle up with the Mrs., I knew in a second that I wanted the next installment of Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™—in partnership with Meetings Today—to feature my friends over at Gastro Garage.

How I Discovered the Gastro Garage

A few years ago a dear friend of mine said, “I have a great food idea for you.” After seeing the video suggestion my friend had sent over, I immediately picked up the phone and called to inform the folks at Gastro Garage that they had made The Hot List™.

Gastro Garage's Gastro Tank Treats
Gastro Garage's Gastro Tank Treats

“Okay, thank you,” was the unexcited response to my phone call, with them not knowing what The Hot List™ was. Well, two weeks after Gastro Garage’s debut on my list they called and said, “Who the hell are you?” “Why are we getting all these leads? This is amazing!”

Attendees went nuts for Gastro Garage!

That’s the magic of The Hot List™, and since then Gastro Garage and my team have done some amazing events together and become great event partners and friends.

Watch Gastro Garage’s Awesome Video (Embedded Below):

Gastro Garage: Dessert a la Welding Torch

Gastro Garage deconstructs classic dishes for groups from small to large and reconstructs them into delectable signature “Gastro Tanks.”

The company excels in gourmet sandwiches and desserts. A signature menu item is Gastro Garage's savory brioche donut with nitrous foam, a torched topping and finishing oil assembled on-site by a skilled gastro mechanic.

Gastro Garage Culinary Mechanics Bring the Fire
Gastro Garage Culinary Mechanics Bring the Fire

The Gastro Garage team looks like iron workers and welders—very different from who you would think would create such gourmet sensations—with flaming welders’ torches, protective masks and greased-up gear firing up onlookers as they forge their culinary masterworks.

Gastro Garage is a sensation at any event and literally steal the show.

F&B Presentations Fit for a Rock Legend

Quick story: We had Gastro Garage at an event where an ’80s/’90s rock icon performed.

Gastro Garage came out at the end of the concert and deconstructed the dessert, leaving guests to exclaim that they were the star of the night, and then they ate the Gastro Garage creations into the early morning! I’m sure your attendees will be just as blown away.

As with all of my favorite finds, Gastro Garage’s F&B spectacle is #mcapproved.

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