Setting good habits and intentions is an excellent way to kick off spring. It’s also a great time to declutter your life to declutter your mind, as well as bring some fresh new daily rituals into your life to become more mindful, practice kindness, boost your energy and sustain it throughout the day.

Lululemon Experiential Design Lead Deb Gee shared three daily spring ritual tips to motivate and inspire event planners.

1. Shake it off. Movement, energy and flow is crucial during this season of transformation and growth. Move energy around your body first thing in the morning. We’re so quick to sit down and start working. Even if you feel silly, shake it off by dancing, stretching and breathing.

2. Keep a gratitude journal. Every morning or every night, write down a minimum of three things you are grateful for. It’s a wonderful way to remind ourselves what’s important in our lives and how we should prioritize.

3. Set yourself up for quality sleep. Sleep is so important for your physical well-being and mental health. Do not eat for three hours before you go to bed. It puts an incredible strain on your heart. One hour before bed, do not look at your phone or computer.

Power everything down so it doesn’t mess with your circadian rhythm.

Switch to a pen and journal, read or sing. Dim the lights and set the tone for bed.

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