Today’s audiences demand a nuclear explosion-level of energy at events, like lightning escaping that proverbial bottle. Your average, everyday DJ just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Every year when Michael Cerbelli's: The Hot List™ previews we do a 30-minute pre-show that is filled with crazy, over the top ideas. We especially love sharing these with our audience.

The 2019 pre-show was hosted by Harrison Greenbaum and we featured multi-sensory dining, Shoeshi, Yung Jake and AFISHAL, a pioneering Visual DJ.

AFISHAL’s manager called us a week after the show and said, “WOW! We have been bombarded with requests. We have never experienced this kind of buzz.”

AFISHAL is impressive, because this is not only what the party audience needed for an event we were working on, but what millennial corporate america needed and has been asking for.

AFISHAL Is Not Your Typical Meetings DJ

AFISHAL is a true pioneer in the world of electronic music.

A relentless drive to innovate, a natural talent for drumming and AFISHAL’s passion for music culminated in the birth of his style of “Visual DJing.”

The TREMOR, a visual DJ rig designed and built by AFISHAL, allows him to trigger sounds with each drum hit and remix music on the fly. Synchronizing the music with vibrant HD graphics and animation—which are also triggered as AFISHAL strikes the TREMOR—delivers an all-encompassing audiovisual performance that blows audiences away.


While AFISHAL can be found tearing the roof off of clubs and festivals across the globe, he is just as adept at creating fully bespoke shows for private and corporate clients by heading up the fully equipped and highly experienced production team at AFISHAL Music.

The AFISHAL Music team has created fully bespoke productions for the likes of Samsung, Volkswagen and Marriott Hotels, establishing themselves as the go-to production company for private parties, exhibitions, brand launches and everything in between.

Check out AFISHAL’s bespoke production for Marriott Hotels below:

Not only is AFISHAL on Michael Cerbelli's: The Hot List™: 2019, but our team at Cerbelli Creative has already contracted him for events in San Antonio and Vienna, Austria!


As with all of my favorite finds, AFISHAL’s bespoke shows are #mcapproved.

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