Happy Tax Day everyone! Whether you got a nice refund, owe a little to the government or are somewhere in between, best of luck!

You know what you need today; how about a big smile and a little inspiration to get those toes tapping?

Meet Swedish Jam Factory, a multi-genre and multi-instrumentalist tap dancing duo comprised of Thomas Bergstig and Isaac Middleton.

These guys will get your attendees up and grooving with their unconventional, excitement-filled performance.

Think You Know Tap Dancing?

If you think you know what a tap dancing act is all about, think again!

Swedish Jam Factory, a Los Angeles-based tap dance/music duo, is pioneering a new hybrid of tap and musical expression, complete with accordion, mandolin, piano and more. Their performance is quick-footed, rhythmic and melodic—an explosion of physical musical energy!

Swedish Jam Factory, Rockin' Out on Stage
Swedish Jam Factory, Rockin' Out on Stage

Swedish Jam Factory has played at clubs throughout the U.S. and appeared on television shows in Sweden and Germany.

The duo is also able to pump up the volume at meetings and events.

But What Does It Really Sound Like?

Swedish Jam Factory describes its sound and style as a mixture of influences from classical composers Vivaldi and Mozart to famous choreographers and tap dancers Gregory Hines and Savion Glover. And of course there are a number of other stylistic influences present.

Uncle Sam can wait. File your taxes after you watch this video.

I sincerely hope you’re on a solid “footing” with your 2018 business affairs and don’t need to tap dance for the government! And in case you want to do a little more procrastinating...

Here's another video, showcasing Swedish Jam Factory's classical influences:

As with all of my favorite finds, Swedish Jam Factory's musical performance is #mcapproved.

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