They say looking at the world through rose-colored glasses makes you an optimist. But what’s wrong with seeing something in a positive way and thinking better of it than it actually is?

In this day and age, can’t we all use a little more optimism?

Just recently, I presented HI-LITES Special Effects Glasses to an audience of 3,000-plus event professionals in San Diego. I told the crowd, ‘Everyone, put on the glasses that we provided for you under your seat and look up at the stage lighting.” They were in awe at the visual display.

There was such a great response from the audience that it made me smile back, and gave me a few goosebumps, too, when I heard everyone at the same time go, “Oooo…”

What Are HI-LITES? And What Do They Do?

HI-LITES are visual effects glasses that enable brands and artists to offer augmented reality without the wires or costs. They transform any point of light viewed through the lenses into custom shapes—such as hearts, smiley faces and dollar signs—to fit your event theme.

HI-LITES launched at Coachella 2018 and have been featured at large events like:

They have also been used at countless weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs and beyond.

HI-LITES Special Effects Glasses can be custom printed on the lenses and arms, and are a great keepsake when you feel the need to look up at the sky and smile.

HI-LITES Special Effects Glasses With Neon Carnival Branding
HI-LITES Special Effects Glasses With Neon Carnival Branding

Shaking Up the Experiential Events Scene

As event professionals, we're focused on creating visual experiences that stand out, bring people together and deliver joy at live events and activations.

HI-LITES Glasses deliver all of that, and at a price point that won’t have you seeing red.

As with all of my favorite finds, HI-LITES special effects glasses are #mcapproved.

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