Forty-year events veteran Andrea Michaels, president of Los Angeles-based Extraordinary Events, is widely considered one of the top special events producers in the world.

Michaels has received accolades that have included being named a “Pillar of the Industry” by The Special Event conference, being the first inductee into the Special Event Industry Hall of Fame and recipient of the coveted Special Event Award of Excellence and a Lifetime Achievement Award.

While participants attending a spectacular special event may be blown away by all manner of cutting-edge pyrotechnics, performances and other inspiring and attention-grabbing elements, the concepts behind staging an evocative event can be relatively simple and timeless.

Following are Michaels’ six basic key strategies event producers should strive to achieve to make their presentation cause attendees to stand up and take notice:

1. Harmony and Synergy

There has to be both harmony and synergy between all components of the meeting and overarching event that are on message with the brand. Advertising, public relations, product displays, website and social media all have to deliver the same message.

2. Tell a Story

There needs to be a story woven through the entire meeting or event, as storytelling is a necessary component for every brand.

3. Design With a Purpose From the Start

The goal of every event has to be the driving force from the very beginning of the design process. Know your event's purpose and let that inspire your event design.

4. Differentiation

Every brand needs to clearly identify how it is unique and different from all others. This must register with your attendees immediately when they first enter the event.

5. Immersion and Inclusion

How does the guest become a participant in the event instead of merely an onlooker. Add elements that make them an active participant.

6. Sense of Community

The end goal of any successful event is to bring attendees together by giving them a feeling of unity around the primary message you’re are trying to impart.

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