I stayed on the Tampa Riverwalk during a trip to southern Florida in 2019 and of course couldn't pass on the opportunity to share some updates that might be of interest to you as you are planning your next event in the area.

In this episode of the Meetings Today Podcast, I'm discussing the Riverwalk neighbor, Amalie Arena as well as the Tampa Convention Center and surrounding hotels.

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Read the transcript below:

Hello everyone, Christoph Trappe here, chief content officer with Meetings Today.

Calling in today from Tampa, right here on the riverfront at the Sheraton. And I just wanted to give you a quick update, some highlights that I noticed here in Tampa, especially as it comes to events.

Right here on the [Tampa] Riverwalk, I walked up and down roughly 7,200 [steps].

So, if you’re planning on running a marathon in the morning before your meeting, probably not the place to do it, even though you can continue your run once you’re off what I would call the proper Riverwalk, right along the Tampa Convention Center, the hotels and then that goes up and down for a little while.

So, 7,200 steps, whatever that is, probably two or three miles, something like that.

Tampa Riverwalk Views, Credit: Christoph Trappe
Tampa Riverwalk Views, Credit: Christoph Trappe

As I was going on my morning exercise, very nice area. People were rowing on the river. The hotels are right there. I probably saw at least three or four hotels right there on the riverfront.

When you look at the Tampagov.net website, that’s for the Convention Center here in Tampa, they also have a whole long list of … one, two, three, four … a dozen or more hotels that are right there.

Of course, as you’re walking up and down the riverfront, you do hit the convention center. 200,000-square-foot exhibit hall space. 17,000 guests. So, something like the Adobe Summit, some huge event like that could be held here very easily. About a 10-minute drive from Tampa International.

Now, I actually got a car because I’m going to an event here in Sarasota, Florida, which is about an hour drive [away]. So, it was much cheaper to get a rental car for the day than to take rideshare.

So then, anyway, as you’re going up and down the Riverwalk, everything is so close.

I’m a big fan of not having any wasted time at all.

So, for example, let’s say I’m staying here at the Sheraton here, there’s a Marriott, there’s the Barrymore, others. Edition Hotel is opening in late 2021, Westin, Hilton, Aloft, Courtyard, La Meridian, and others here.

The Barrymore Hotel Tampa Riverwalk. I walked right by there.

Tampa Riverwalk Walking Path, Credit: Christoph Trappe
Tampa Riverwalk Walking Path, Credit: Christoph Trappe

Everything is right there, beautiful views. I’m actually calling in right now, sitting on the balcony, sixth floor balcony, at the Sheraton Club overlooking the river. And there’s a guy on a surfboard, paddling by on the river and his dog is on the back, looking back to make sure they’re not getting surprised from anybody from the back.

But anyway, what kind of cool sight as I’m giving you an update here on events.

There also is the Amalie Arena, I’m not exactly sure if you say it like that, they have all kinds of shows there. Some that are coming up, Ariana Grande, Adam Sandler, others. It’s right there within walking distance. If you bring your event here, make sure to take a look, see what else is happening at that time. Could be good, could be bad, right?

Because if Ariana Grande is coming to town, all the hotel rooms might be gone for that as well.

But on the other hand, could be some relatively easy—maybe not cheap—entertainment for your event attendees. I’m just looking really quickly here, if it’s going to tell me how much the tickets are for Ariana Grande.

$149, $152 and those are upper level.

That seems to be a pretty huge arena right next to the Tampa Convention Center.

Amalie Arena, Tampa Riverwalk, Credit: Christoph Trappe
Amalie Arena, Tampa Riverwalk, Credit: Christoph Trappe

Something to think about, Tampa for your event. Tampa Convention Center. Huge space, 17,000 guests.

I would think most everybody’s events would be able to fit in there. And then, of course, the Riverwalk right here for your morning walk, for your mid-day meetings, those [kinds] of things. Something to think about.

Recorded this in Tampa, on the riverfront, the Riverwalk.

Christoph Trappe, chief content officer at Meetings Today. Until next time.

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