Your event attendees have a thirst to get their boogie on, and as a planner, it’s your job to serve up the groove.

Meet Jordan Kahn, leader of the Jordan Kahn Orchestra—one of the best and most entertaining bands I have ever worked with.

For over a decade, Jordan has been performing at and producing some of the most electric events in the country with a fully customizable big-band orchestra. The Jordan Kahn Orchestra can seamlessly transition from dinner music to high-energy dance tunes.

This strategic formula for this "damn good time” is mastered by Jordan’s experience and expertise in our industry. Raised on the great popular music of the last century, the Berklee College of Music graduate and his party orchestra delivers a dance-floor-filling musical performance that transports attendees on a journey across all genres.

Jordan Kahn Orchestra Live Performance
Jordan Kahn Orchestra Live Performance

Jordan is a universal artist whose style will appeal to audiences of all ages.

In a Jordan Kahn Orchestra performance the music merges everything from Justin Timberlake to Chicago, Pitbull to Earth Wind & Fire and even Sinatra to Santana.

There’s not a style the group can’t pull off.

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Jordan’s talent is vast and the entertainment options are endless. Matched with his expansive repertoire and ability to go from song to song like a runaway train without stopping, Jordan is truly blessed with the intuition of how to tear the roof off of any room.

And that's the true measure of any entertainer!

Jordan Kahn Orchestra Event Setup
Jordan Kahn Orchestra Event Setup

"We as performers only exist for our audience,” Kahn said.

“For me, it is all about connecting musically and emotionally with every single person in front of me—whatever it takes to provide our crowd an escape away from their normal day-to-day and bring them an experience they will never forget!," he added.

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I promise you now if you hire the Jordan Kahn Orchestra to entertain your event guests, they will surely exclaim, “I never heard a band cover that song before—WOW!”

Check out a short video clip of the band in action below.

As with all of my favorite finds, the Jordan Kahn Orchestra is #mcapproved.

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