Any event planner or producer knows that their most successful programs follow a story arc, much like a movie. Providing a defining moment near the end is key to ingraining the memory of an event in the minds of stakeholders and attendees.

My clients are always looking for that climactic moment—a “TA-DA!” statement that creates a crescendo to deliver a message or impart a feeling.

"Michael, I need that ‘WOW!’”

But, in the special effects world you need to obtain permits for fire marshals and often have to deal with deal with ATF agents, facility operations, legal issues and security. The fear of the unknown usually draws so much attention.

Not anymore. There are companies that specialize exclusively in staging amazing event productions and they go through the hoops and training required to keep everything safe.

For my own Michael Cerbelli's: The Hot List™ showcase events, I believe I have found the perfect, certified special effects designer that will empower planners and producers to put a smile on that CEO’s face while cutting through all the the approval red tape!

Let me introduce you to Future Affairs Productions.

Outsource Your Special Effects to Experts to Dazzle Attendees

Understandably, planners like to be involved in all aspects of the meeting or event they are producing. But sometimes the outcome is better if we enlist a little outside help. You wouldn't take charge of cooking and serving the meals being fed to your attendees, would you?

For over 30 years, and after winning multiple international awards for  most outstanding spectacle, best new innovation and best technical production, among others, the Future Affairs Productions team knows how to leave your audience speechless.

Michael Cerbelli's: The Hot List™ Confetti Drop by Future Affairs Productions
Michael Cerbelli's: The Hot List™ Confetti Drop by Future Affairs Productions

For balloon drops and exploding effects, cryo jets, confetti, sparkler units and streamers effects, Future Affairs Productions is your team for, “Yes, we can make that happen.”

They also handle all of the security and approvals details—or can use non-pyro techniques—letting planners focus on the other important aspects of their event.

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One of my favorites is exploding a balloon or balloons on cue—check out The Balloon Stinger!

Imagine exploding balloons with confetti, smaller balloons, a massive money drop, corporate messages, feathers, ping pong balls and so much more—it’s almost guaranteed to amaze.

For your next event, consider letting the Future Affairs Productions team—or another outside event production company—deliver your TA-DA! moment, and leave the red tape to them too!

Check out the Future Affairs Productions team's hard work in action in the video below.

As with all of my favorite finds, Future Affairs Productions is #mcapproved.

Editor's Note: Future Affairs Productions is based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. To learn more about available services, you can contact the company via its website.

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