There are so many creative ways to capture images. Technology has literally given us the chance to share with the world—in seconds—the smiles, the laughs and the silliness of an event.

We barely print any photos onsite nowadays, everything is digital. No one wants to carry a photo with them all night, they want it to be easily accessible on their devices so they can share with friends and family, in addition to having the ability to text, post and share with all their social media followers.

Most professional grade photo booths or devices have a way to send the captured image to yourself on the camera’s touchscreen (the Hypno Eye is one previously featured example), or a station that you can go to that allows you to view your photo taken alongside all the crazies you are hanging out with in the pool after a long day of meetings or incentive trip excitement.

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I recently attended two amazing incentive programs with one of my favorite clients in Vienna, Austria, and before that at Baha Mar in the Bahamas. Both of these incentive programs featured incredible entertainment and amazing roaming and stationary photo opportunities.

In the Bahamas I was tasked with finding the coolest way to take a photo. I have been doing this program for about eight years with this client, so they have seen it all. However, one photo booth opportunity in particular stood out to me … so much that I had to share it with you all!

Take Your Photo Booth Experience Underwater

During my time in the Bahamas, it was so hot that it seemed like everyone was in the pool at some point, laughing, cheering each other on and sharing stories.

So what better way to take a picture than at that exact moment of fun—while in the pool and under the water—with an Underwater Photo Booth?

After using it in the Bahamas, I can say that LA Photo Party's Underwater Photo Booth is the ultimate addition to any pool party, resort, cruise ship, water park or mid-ocean experience.

Underwater Photo Booth Demonstration 2, Credit: LA Photo Party
Underwater Photo Booth Demonstration 2, Credit: LA Photo Party

LA Photo Party’s booth installs into any pool and includes custom-housed underwater lighting, a professional camera and specially designed filters to capture stunning, memorable images.

You can also add your own event or sponsor logos to the photos.

Underwater Photo Booth Branded Photo Example With Hashtag, Credit: LA Photo Party
Underwater Photo Booth Branded Photo Example With Hashtag, Credit: LA Photo Party

Not many are brave enough to put electricity into water, but LA Photo Party has been pushing the boundaries of event photography for years, including this epic dive right into the pool!

Oh, and did I mention the guy that came up with this idea used to work for NASA? There's science behind the Underwater Photo Booth to ensure a smooth and safe experience.

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There's no doubting that we made a huge "splash" with this underwater activation, which produced high-quality photos, videos and GIFs for incentive program attendees.

On this four-day Bahamas program, the Underwater Photo Booth was a big hit, and the talk of the conference. Hundreds of photos were taken and shared with the world.

I’m sure some of the responses were: 😂 👍 😲 💦.

Check out LA Photo Party’s Underwater Photo Booth in action below:

As with all of my favorite finds, the Underwater Photo Booth is #mcapproved.

Editor's Note: The Underwater Photo Booth mentioned in this article is presented by LA Photo Party, a Los Angeles-based company with additional offices in New York City, Dallas and London.

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