Event attendees can’t seem to get enough of the selfie craze, from getting their faces laser-etched on cookies and underwater photo booths to the hot Hypno Eye “Selfie Ball,” these social media-phenom photo ops keep getting more off the wall—and fun!

That old onsite photo booth has become so passé. Been, there. Done that.

The Instagram gods are no longer pleased.

Next up? How about getting your attendees’ mugs seared on a pancake onsite?! The pancake portrait concept is as simple as it is delicious. Hot Plate, CHECK. Spatula, CHECK. Batter, CHECK. Caricaturist, CHECK. It’s gonna be a sugar-rush morning!

Who, you may ask, is the culinary mad scientist behind this idea?

The Flapjack Doctor Is In

Meet “Dr.” Dan Drake, who has become something of a pancake artist celebrity for his fancy flapjacks also known as “Dancakes.”

Sure, he's been on the local news, but he’s also gone nationwide by taking his pancake show on the road, with appearances on the Today show and The Steve Harvey Show.

Dr. Drake has been experimenting with some new techniques and taking his Dancakes to the next level by bringing them to tradeshows, meetings and events.

People line up at the Dancakes booth all for the chance to get “flipped-out” over seeing themselves become a pancake original.

It is truly one of the easiest and simplest vendors you can bring to any event—and grabbing the biggest social media happy face emojis you’ve ever seen is part of the recipe!

Watch a video of the Dancakes’ event setup in action below.

Now, please pass the syrup.

As with all of my favorite finds, Dancakes are #mcapproved.

Editor's Note: The pancake art and related event services mentioned in this article are presented by Dancakes. Booking information is available on the Dancakes website.

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