Well, it’s official: Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™: 2020 begins its 19th year of ideas this month. A very simple concept to start The Hot List™ was spawned in 2001, because in my eyes, I didn’t believe I was getting enough tangible information from attending the educational industry conferences. At this time there was no Google, planners made vendors shake in their boots by the mere mention of that vendor’s company, and the little black books were under strict lock and key.

I am so proud of the success of The Hot List™ and the hundreds of thousands of people that I have shared my ideas with over the years.

When I spoke this past weekend at the 19th Anniversary of The Hot List™ kick-off on February 1, I was in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was nice to leave wintery New York City even if just for a couple of days, building the excitement for summer, which is less than five months away. (Photo: H & M pool float.)

So, what better way to kick off Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™: 2020 than with something to prepare you for the heat of summer event planning, with branding flourish? If you’re organizing a pool-side event, consider a “Custom Pool Float.”

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Custom Pool Floats by Step and Repeat LA are logos or any cutout letters or shapes in any size and color that are designed to float in the pool as a unique added touch.

For branded events on the pool deck, there's no better way to increase brand exposure than having the logo floating in the pool. These are used for corporate branding, posh pool-side parties, weddings, anniversaries, hotel events—frankly, ANY event with a pool!

The Cerbelli Creative team personally used these at an amazing adult “Music Festival-Style Milestone Event.” We submitted our custom idea to Step and Repeat LA, and our customized pool floats added such a colorful enhancement to the water, better than the usual giant inflatable floats and beach balls.

Photo: Levi’s pool float.

Custom Pool floats are an eye-catching and memorable decoration for any pool, in the summer or the winter (depending on where in the world you are!), and they transition well from daytime to the evening! The pop of color in the pool is sure to grab the attention of all the guests.

Have Fun pool float
Photo: Have Fun pool float

As always, these Custom Pool Floats are #mcapproved.

I have a lot of incredible ideas coming your way this year! See you in two weeks for more.

Cerbelli Creative: Custom Pool Floats from Cerbelli Creative on Vimeo.

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