When I think back to the ’80s and ’90s, it was every person for themselves on an event. No one wanted to really share ideas. 

I really didn’t believe in that philosophy—that’s how The Hot List™ got created!  

I’m happy to say that in the event world of today, the word is “collaboration,” and one of my favorite partnerships for an event is the caterer. I think an event comes together when we all bring the experience to life as one event, one theme, and food and beverage is such a major part of that. 

Cerbelli Creative: Scott Volpe: Pizza Spinner from Cerbelli Creative on Vimeo.

Evolving Trends in Events F&B 

Chefs and caterers love having fun with food. I think the Food Network has given them the flexibility to have attendees experience an event with their passion and creativity, and not just have a “bite to eat.”  

A few years ago it was the entrance of food trucks on the event scene, and then the specialty stations. Now it’s unique interactive servings and presentations. 

Photo: Fiamme Pizza’s Scott Volpe, event pizza spinner. Credit: Fiamme Pizza.

One of my favorite stations is an authentic pizza area for a late-night event or after party. There are mobile units that come in and the catering team is making pies while music is playing—people are laughing, dancing and singing...and just celebrating! 

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But, what if you can add one more level to that…entertainment?  

Head-Spinning Pizza Magic 

I love this guy from Fiamme Pizza in Tucson, Arizona! He is the founder and head pizzaiolo, and his name is Scott Volpe. 

On top of his passion for making extraordinary pizza, he also competes regularly at the World Pizza Games in Las Vegas and the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza in Parma, Italy. 

Photo: Pizza spinning enters a new dimension at events with Fiamme Pizza’s Scott Volpe. Credit: Fiamme Pizza.

Volpe is the recipient of numerous awards for his culinary and pizza acrobatics skills. Every time the dough is in his hands it’s quite the spectacle. He will add excitement to any culinary or corporate event by bringing his unexpected, unique and upbeat skills.  

This is a showstopper that I promise your guests will go home saying…”and then at the end of the night, they had this guy come out…” 

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