We don’t say “Pivoting” at Cerbelli, we say “New Opportunities.

Over the past six months, companies have sat with their teams to figure out how to engage clients in a virtual/hybrid world. We personally believe that just turning on a webcam and throwing everyone in a “Zoom Room” is not an event.

Our friends at Luster have been on Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™ numerous times. With their unique and creative ideas, each Luster activation connects brands to audiences. People to technology. Engineering to art.

From virtual moments of delight to full-blown (socially distanced) dance parties, Luster brings people together wherever they are, whether that be virtually from around the globe or closer to home and even in person. Since inventing hashtag printing, Luster has successfully created 3,000 activations and counting.

Cerbelli Creative: Luster Virtual Mosaics

Mosaic Artistry in Motion 

Luster took one of our favorite “MC Approved” ideas and came up with a creative way of connecting on-site live event attendees with those who aren’t in the room. Luster's Virtual Mosaics offer a turnkey, engaging and brand-safe way for people to create a unique work of art from their community's collective story.  

Luster’s Virtual Mosaics activation for Cook
Luster’s Virtual Mosaics activation for Cook. Credit: Luster

The digital piece can then be displayed and shared for years to come. Luster offers a wide range of options to ensure that each virtual experience exceeds expectations. This includes full-service support, creative consultation, fundraiser and donation functionality, and the ability to easily embed the Virtual Mosaic into websites and apps. Virtual mosaics can also be transformed into physical canvases or sculptures and shipped to anywhere in the world to display and cherish.  

Luster’s Virtual Mosaics activation for TCU.
Luster’s Virtual Mosaics activation for TCU. Credit: Luster

Luster is the perfect partner to engage target audiences in digital marketing campaigns and virtual conferences. Their organic engagement transitions into physical works of art and real-world activations that allow audiences to safely celebrate your brand in person. 

Get ready to smile and share.  

Look for more Cerbelli: Hot Virtual Event Ideas in the upcoming weeks, and most of all stay healthy, stay safe, stay home and stay #EventStrong. 

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