In early 2019, I received a call from a company asking me to be on their podcast, Meeting Minds. I didn’t know them, the interviewer really didn’t know me (Charles Eide and his co-host, Lisa), but 18 months later, two larger-than-life personalities are now friends and kicking butt in the virtual world.

My team and I at Cerbelli Creative have experienced the challenge of supporting a meeting planner with the right platform for their meetings. Sure, Zoom is incredible for certain meetings and events, but it's far from being the right choice for conferences.

When you think of virtual events today, the possibilities are endless and daunting at the same time. We couldn’t possibly be experts in every single platform on the market.

One thing we have learned quickly here at Cerbelli Creative, and remind our clients to always remember, is that it’s all about innovation and flawless execution. We are lucky to have met, worked with and discovered a leader of innovation in the virtual events world: EideCom.

Video: EideCom’s Engagement Hub is a new virtual events platform that is turning heads.

Making the Shift to Virtual Events

EideCom made the shift from large scale, in-person conferences and events to HD broadcasting with the launch of The Engagement Hub. EideCom is taking the virtual and hybrid event world by storm. This team isn’t just relying on a computer or software program to run a virtual event for them, THEY are producing the virtual event real-time.

An entire technical team is behind-the-scenes switching the custom background animations, tailored lower-third graphics, multiple live speakers and pre-recorded videos.  

EideCom platform
Photo: EideCom’s new Engagement Hub offers a cutting-edge virtual events platform. Credit: EideCom

In their studio, with real talent and the capabilities to include remote presenters from all across the globe, what EideCom is pumping out is the real deal, and helping organizations accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

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Taking it one step further, they are now launching their virtual venue platform, Second Stage, made BY event professionals FOR event professionals.

Customizable and Oculus-Ready

Think how easy and seamless Facebook was when it first came out. Your 70-year-old grandparents could use it and your 17-year-old cousin couldn’t get enough of it. That is the Second Stage platform.

EideCom platform
Photo: EideCom’s Engagement Hub is a new virtual events platform that is turning heads. Credit: EideCom

Putting the attendees first, while also taking into account how a conference planner would want to use the platform, this platform is completely customizable.

Second Stage is also the world’s first Oculus 360 3D-ready platform to provide a truly immersive experience to those who want it. Second Stage is built to enable EideCom’s Engagement Hub to stream amazing live or pre-recorded content, while also allowing for sponsors and exhibitors to build their own profile and engage with attendees, creating value that lives on past the days of the conference. This is the venue!

With a giant #mcapproved, Charles and his amazing team have a true depth of knowledge to take your virtual/hybrid event to the next level and the know-how to connect your message to your audience like never before.

Look for more Cerbelli: Hot Virtual Event Ideas in the upcoming weeks, and most of all stay healthy, stay safe, stay home and stay #EventStrong!

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