AllSeated: The Future of Site Inspection Technology?

November 5, 2018

I can’t believe it’s already time for installment three of Michael Cerbelli's: The Hot List™ newsletter—wow! Love sharing all of these ideas with you. For this installment, I’m going to highlight a very cool event technology company, AllSeated.

It’s been a crazy season of events and traveling the world for me—150,000 miles in 10 months is pretty intense on the family-work balance scale. Sometimes I wish I could reduce that need to travel and “virtually” be there … and that’s the lead-in to this installment’s favorite find!

About two years ago I was introduced to AllSeated. I fell in love with it in 20 minutes after playing with its intuitive operating system. AllSeated is one of the fastest growing networks for the event industry and it aids in site selection and inspection.

With designed and scaled floor plans in the system—tens of thousands are currently available—and a reach of over 500,000 users, AllSeated provides easy-to-use, cloud-based tools to run an event efficiently.

Top features include the ability to build scaled layouts in 2D with 3D viewing, guest list management, seating charts, timelines, meal types, reports, a tablet check-in system, webinars and much more.

Users can invite clients, venues, planners and vendors into their AllSeated account and collaborate in real time. No more PDFs! AllSeat functionality also includes a day-of event app and 24/7 live chat.

AllSeated also maintains it offers the highest level of secure servers with encrypted code for all guests’ lists. In the end, though, it saves you time and simplifies your event, helping with room setup and more.

The Secret to Efficient Site Inspections

So, with that information about AllSeated, how do I save time traveling the world to site a venue with a client by never leaving my office? Well … have you heard about AllSeated’s virtual reality tool?

You can now experience an event before it even happens!

AllSeated’s functionality with Oculus virtual reality goggles allows you to walk and tour the layout of an event in a realistic simulation—it’s so cool! The ability to experience an event before it has even happened ensures a more efficient planning process and will bring peace of mind to clients.

The VR site inspection tool gives more power to event professionals.

AllSeated’s VR compatibility breaks the mold of traditional efficiency tools and helps users improve the way they plan and deliver world-class events. Even if your organization hasn’t quite latched on to the VR craze, AllSeated’s site inspection VR tool is certainly game-changing tech to keep an eye on!

And of course, you can still visit in-person for your final site inspection or room setup.

As with all of my favorite finds, AllSeated is #mcapproved.

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