Visual Comet Unleashes One Amazing Event Light Show

January 18, 2019

Wow! What an amazing 18th Annual: Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™: 2019 debut in San Diego at The Special Event Show and Conference. It’s always a thrill when everything turns out right.

The room at the San Diego Convention Center was jam-packed—standing room only! I was so proud standing onstage looking out at the crowd and proud of my team for what they produced.

The attendees were escorted into the room through an LED Video Tunnel that provided a complete WOW moment right out of the gate, from a company that drove across the country from Edison, N.J., to be in San Diego for The Special Event Show.

Visual Comet supplied two amazing products for the audience to preview—its LED Video Tunnel and LED Video Bar.

Visual Comet LED Video Tunnel

Visual Comet is a true production company that has state-of-the-art products—like its LED Video Tunnel—plus full lighting, sound, projection-mapping capabilities and immersive experiences.

Visual Comet LED Video Tunnel
Visual Comet LED Video Tunnel

At one point or another we all want to know what it feels like to step into the future. Well, Visual Comet is bringing the future to participants with products like its LED Video Tunnel! Imagine the WOW you will create when your guests walk through up to 24 feet of an immersive experience. What a stunning showpiece. It was a brilliant grand entrance with vivid graphical display capabilities that can promote customized content and be fully branded on the outer shell with vinyl wraps, floral decor, etc.

The Visual Comet LED Video Tunnel is yet another expertly crafted product that demonstrates the company’s ability to engineer with elegance in innovation. And I can personally recommend them!

Check out the LED Video Tunnel in action below, courtesy of The Hot List™.

Visual Comet LED Video Bar

Also from Visual Comet, and onstage with me the entire time, was its LED Video Bar. Visual Comet’s LED Video Bar is the next step in the evolution of next-generation event furniture. The captivating video bar display allows content to come to life and is excellent for corporate branding or to add a scenic element.

Visual Comet LED Video Bar
Visual Comet LED Video Bar

The LED Video Bar drew attention to my content to create a fully technological showstopper. And I’m certain they could help transform any event into a visual masterpiece.

Check out the LED Video Bar in action below, courtesy of The Hot List™.

Visual Comet LED Products Add Excitement

Visual Comet products turn events into experiences. I love new ways to present experiences to my clients and the LED Video Tunnel and LED Video Bar are definitely two MC Approved ideas!

And, as with all of my favorite finds, Visual Comet’s event production services are #mcapproved.

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