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June 21, 2021
SpotMyPhotos provides a custom-brandable photo option for in-person events.

In the 1980s/’90s there were two wonderful women from Long Island, New York, that used to be at everyone’s event. They had Polaroid cameras and a collection of what was called “Funny Frames” and magnets. Guests would have collections of all these photos piled up in their homes, attached to the fridge, covering the kids’ bedroom walls, and most likely now in 2021—in a landfill somewhere on Staten Island! 

SpotMyPhotos offers a custom-brandable photo option for in-person events.
SpotMyPhotos offers a custom-brandable photo option for in-person events.

I would love to still have those photos we used to jump in (now known a s “photo bombing”) and just see the faces of great clients and friends of the past. But, thank goodness, technology will never stop, and new creative ways of doing photo capturing of guests has moved into the 21st century as well. 

Prior to the pandemic, my team and I first experienced SpotMyPhotos at a corporate event. And in that “wow” moment our view of event photos dramatically shifted. We were hooked. 

Photo Delivery in 5 seconds 

SpotMyPhotos is in many ways a high-tech version of the Polaroid, but with powerful capabilities for us as event professionals in this modern world. SpotMyPhotos literally lets your photos find you, and in a post-pandemic world, is an incredible way to collect and save photos with practically no interaction with the photographer.

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Photographers and photo booths using SpotMyPhotos can send custom-branded photos directly to those photographed within 5 seconds. Attendees provide their phone number or email one time. From that point forward they can be “spotted” in all their photos, which are sent directly to their phones. 

SpotMyPhotos offers sharable  photo options for in-person events.
SpotMyPhotos offers either an app or onsite photographer option for in-person events.

Unique Privacy-First Approach 

First developed to use everything EXCEPT for facial recognition, SpotMyPhotos’ took a unique approach to private photo delivery. As facial recognition became more mainstream, it was added, but use of that feature is opt-in with a non-facial recognition option available, too. SpotMyPhotos uses either manual photo selection or a special non-facial-recognition pattern method to circumvent using facilal recognition. 

SpotMyPhotos grants photographers unprecedented control over how and when photos are shared. Galleries can be shared instantly for a true wow effect, or can be scheduled for sharing later, allowing time for photo editing. 

Greater ROP (Return on Photos) 

Beyond delivering photos, SpotMyPhotos delivers a greater “return on photos” (ROP) for event organizers and marketers; as attendees share photos on social media and beyond, affixed custom-branding goes along for the ride, generating buzz and excitement around the event. With live access to the event’s photo stream, organizers can put event photos right to work.

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Getting Spotted 

As in-person events return, you’ll increasingly see SpotMyPhotos in use. We’ve seen it around the country, and any of your photographers or photo booth operators can easily use the software. Using a SpotMyPhotos WiFi SD card, cameras become cloud-enabled using the SpotMyPhotos iOS App. 

Last year, Canon also announced the integration of SpotMyPhotos capabilities into their camera lines, enabling use without the Wi-Fi SD card. 

Beyond all the benefits to event professionals, like the Polaroid, SpotMyPhotos is fun and interactive. My favorite part about it? The “Photo Bomb,” as I mentioned before. Try it out! With SpotMyPhotos you’ll actually get all of those photos! 

SpotMyPhotos has been featured on Michael Cerbelli's Hot List.
SpotMyPhotos has been featured on Michael Cerbelli's Hot List.

Upcoming SpotMyPhotos Appearances

SpotMyPhotos was on the Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™: 2020 and SpotMyPhotos will be with us at The Special Event + Catersource in Miami Beach next month, and will be featured throughout the entire conference by AGNYC Productions, WTA Photos and other partners. 

It’s available in every city with licensed partners, or you can give it to your own photographer. 
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