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Tap This Rapid Onsite COVID Testing Service

The Event Doc performs rapid, onsite COVID-19 testing at meetings and events. Here's how you can obtain their services to get your in-person meetings and events up and running again. Read more.

Take a ‘Dram’ Good Virtual Tour of Scotland

The Dram Good Laddies virtual tour of Scotland is packed with castles, kilts, lochs, laughs, mountains and malts! It’s the ultimate virtual experience that combines customized broadcast production and live interaction.

Virtual Floral Arrangement Classes Have Arrived!

Groups participating in the Virtual Floral Design Experience learn the fundamentals of floral care and design, along with step-by-step instructions for cutting, arranging and styling arrangements in various vase sizes and styles. Read more. 

Tap This Master Mixologist for Virtual Demonstrations for Groups

The Cup Bearer is a bartending and mixology catering company that breathes the same life it provides for live events into the virtual experience. Whether onsite or virtual, each cocktail is diligently crafted from scratch, as guests are drawn into a playful performance. Read more.