Give the Gift of Leather at Your Events

February 14, 2020

So many gift items handed out at events are quickly discarded after the festivities end, their branding potential relegated to the dustbin of history.

But what if you could find a high-quality keepsake your event attendees will cherish for years to come? A giveaway with the natural staying power of cowhide?

In this installment, allow me to introduce you to someone that I think has an amazing spirt and loves what she does. She’s an incredible businesswoman and a joy to work with: Kat Marks and her company LETHRBAR®!

Cerbelli Creative: LETHRBAR® LIVE from Cerbelli Creative on Vimeo.

Leather For the Masses!

LETHRBAR® LIVE is an immersive event activation that engages and delights guests through the memorable experience of hand-stamping a monogram or favorite word onto a leather keepsake, right in front of their eyes at an event.

Photo: LETHRBAR in a Box allows events to ship a leather monograming kit to save on costs.

Successful activations don’t stop when the event ends. As an integral part of an event’s entertainment, LETHRBAR® LIVE is designed to support strategic objectives and last beyond the event by creating mementos that guests keep, share and wear for years to come.

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LETHRBAR® is a Canadian company focused on bringing client brands to life in the hands of their audiences. And while its studio headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta, an appetite for the LETHRBAR® LIVE event experience extends beyond the local market.

In response to this desire, LETHRBAR® created a cost-efficient and versatile offering called LETHRBAR® in a BOX. This “in a box” version of the original event experience has successfully overcome the barriers associated with taking the activation to broader domestic and international markets, primarily associated with high travel costs for trained leatherworkers and the logistics of working internationally.

Photo: The LETHREBAR Live crew hand-stamping monogramed leather products at an event.

Customized pieces can still be present at your event for a unique and memorable experience!

The LETHRBAR® in a BOX event experience now partners with brands across Canada and the U.S., so this is a takeaway that your attendees will use over and over for years to come! Definitely, #mcapproved!

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