Funny Face Bakes Up Epic Custom Cookies for Events

August 16, 2021
Funny Face Bakery custom-made cookies.

I’m giving Mindy Weiss, of Beverly Hills-based Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, this find, as I saw her post an item on social media a while back and scribbled on my notepad to invite Funny Face Bakery to The Hot List™ this year.

Funny Face Bakery sample.
Funny Face Bakery sample. Credit: Funny Face Bakery.

Needless to say, it was one of my favorite interactions on a Zoom call when I got in touch with them. Not only were they excited like they won Powerball, but what I immediately took away from the call was not only the love they put into baking, but their passion to make people smile! 

Custom Cookies for Events 

Funny Face Bakery is one of New York City’s most beloved bakery brands. Its signature hand-painted Custom Face Cookie is considered an edible work of art. They're so spot on their creations will have you doing double-takes! 

Funny Face separates itself from the traditional cookie-cutter bakery by creating a line of meme-worthy treats that are often deemed “too pretty to eat.” Each cookie touches on trends from the past to the present, making them America's first pop culture bakery.  

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Their team of skilled artists can “cookie-vize” just about anything for internal and external events. They're guaranteed to quite literally sweeten any deal, sugar-up valued clients, and create one of the most shareable moments at your event. 

In addition to their iced cookies, they offer a menu of life-altering six-ounce cookies that they produce in their 100% nut-free facility, including their notorious Chocolate Chip cookie that puts competitors to shame. Like all guilty pleasures, Funny Face will have you coming back for more.


See—and Taste—for Yourself! 

Cerbelli Creative team made into cookies by Funny Face Bakery.
Cerbelli Creative team made into cookies by Funny Face Bakery. Credit: Funny Face Bakery.

If ever in New York City, check out their incredible Instagram-able bake shop located at South Street Seaport and taste one (or a dozen!) of their delicious creations.  

Please reach out to the fabulous, talented—and just incredibly friendly—founder, Sarah Silverman, or executive director, Carly Jump, of Funny Face Bakery today. And the next time you’re in NYC, pop into their shop and you will walk out saying, “Hey sugar!” 


Funny Face Bakery 

Carly Jump 


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