Wellness Expert Lee Papa Contemplates the Pandemic Age

We’ve all been on a collective, and also individual, journey with deep currents running through our consciousness and determining our future course. Meetings wellness expert Lee Papa taps into that current with her own reflections on everything we’ve been through during two years of pandemic that will shape the future.

Embrace Wellness as the Fall Meetings Calendar Unfolds

Coming out of the most-challenging year and a half for meetings and events, planners need to embrace wellness practices as in-person meetings resume. Wellness expert Lee Papa contemplates what fall will bring, and how to set your intentions in preparation.

Leaning In to Vulnerability, Tough Topics and Bold Leadership

Tune into a special live audience recording at Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club in Las Vegas as host Courtney Stanley interviews influential leaders on the most pressing topics facing women in the industry, including mental health, diversity, equity and inclusion, office politics and more.